Monday, April 13, 2009

aKu PoWn DpAt AwArD GaK mLm NiEyH..!!!hehe=)

ingatkn nabil je dpat award..aku pown dpat gak!!hehe=)

award rules

1. 1st insert this badge or the pic above to inform u have been awarded
2. Make sure u take the pic n said it is from
3. You should tell 10 facts or hobbies about yourself.
4. You should choose 5 other bloggers (easier the ones who follow you) and tell their names in your blog
5. Dont forget to go to their blog and tell them they have been tagged !!!

----> award from: yongu~des

---->10 facts of myself
~banyak ckap
~alah kucing
~kengkadang jiwang..hehe=]
~ska minum horlicks
~cpat baran tpy cpat sjuk
~brterus trang
~kuat mkan..haha=)
~sayng sgt kat fmily..
~slalu mngenang naseb

-----> The 5 people i choose to accept this award are
~qayyum irwnzi
~farah adiba


y0Ngu~des!! said...

wei, ko bg balik kt aku plak.. ha2...

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iznul mua'zim said...



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